AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Huge announcement time!!

The Wholesome Snack showcase JUST aired with our brand new trailer:

(amazing music by @GenieLinguine)




Me and my publisher Freedom Games are still working the specifics out with any 3rd parties and stuff BUT:

  • Pre-order the game!!

  • Beta-testing access :D

  • a Demo will be available to play! The demo is a prologue to the full game!!

  • MERCHHHHHHHHHHHH (we’re still working out exactly what, if and how but we’re for sure doing digital merch. Trying really hard to get physical merch situated as well with manufacturing and shipping!)

  • Console port? 👀 unconfirmed but 👀

It’d be a massive help if you would share the Kickstarter with your friends etc! I’m SUPER nervous about the whole thing and really really want it to do well. Crucial to that is that we have a really good first week when we launch & pre-saving is a great way for me to notify people :)

Hello!! 🐸 Here to share what I’ve been working on for the past 2 months :)

I share semi-regular sneak peaks in the Mail Time Discord but now I want to go a bit more in-depth. Let’s get into it!

Is that?? Could it be(e)??

✨A wild bee appeared!!!✨ 🐝

There’s now a friend! Kinda.

I heard you asking for pets (pls my phone was overheating from all the notifications) and while that would be a bit weird in a game where you deliver mail to animals I want to introduce you to Bee!

Bee is a.. well, bee and when you encounter them in the game you quickly become friends. Bee will follow you around for much of the game, occasionally offering words of wisdom:

So smart 😔

BUT at other times Bee will leave you because it has found more interesting things to do. They are easily distracted by all kinds of things and will sometimes disappear only to reappear later.

I wonder what would happen if you followed them???


For all the hoarders- I mean ‘collectors’ - out there you can now stuff all kinds of random trinkets in your backpack!! Introducing:

the inventory ✨

For example, let’s say you to talk to our man Jim:

He wants a bottlecap. Okay, we can do that! You’ll have to go looking around to see if you can find the item you need.

When you find it all you have to do is get close to it to collect the item! As you find more and more trinkets they’ll start to move much more subtly, making them more difficult to find. Of course finding everything will get you an achievement ;)

Whenever you collect an item you’ll see this beautiful UI screen which was created with ideas from you all and I absolutely love (although this is such a pain to keep looking nice on different aspect ratio screens TuT). Also excuse the lack of a bottlecap drawing, it’s on my list haha. This sparkle patch is just a placeholder!

Much of the inventory system was done while streaming on Twitch! It’s been my favourite way to get immediate feedback from the community and suggestions on new features. If you want to see the VODs of those streams you can find it here & here :)

Throughout November I’ll be streaming a lot more so join me there if you want to help make the game and watch me work!

Now that we have the bottlecap we can go back to Jim and give it to him. He even gives us a reward for our effort 💖🍓

New areas??

I’m not going to be showing too much yet because it’s still very much in the early stages BUT I wanted to show you some color palettes for different areas of the game I’m working on :))

Right now the game only has a prototype of 1 of the 7-8 areas I want to eventually have; the yellow flower field (middle of the second row). I’m trying to go all over the rainbow to have different vibes for everything! What areas do you think will be the different colours? Come speculate in the discord:

With the inventory system I felt the game also needed an updated pause menu that could give you a lot more information about what you can do in the game.

The Mail Scout Handbook

You receive from the Mail Scouts (who you work for) an official Mail Scout Handbook to track your deliveries and other things (coming soon) in!

You can see all the deliveries you need to do as well as if any items are needed in order to complete the delivery. A different letter icon is in front of a delivery depending on if the delivery still needs any items :)

At a different bookmark you can open the save menu where you can manually save and load the game (although the game will also automatically save for you)!

You can also quit the game from here :( (although really why would you ever want to?? Just play forever, what’s the problem???)

That’s it for the handbook FOR NOW!!! There’s still some pretty important tabs that will be added in the future. It’s nice to have this more expandable system to put things in rather than having to make endless menus for different functions.

Now you can all find it in your trusty Mail Scout Handbook! (property of the Mail Scouts, damage will have to be paid!! >:( )

Hi! :D I have some EXCITING NEWS to share! 🎉 Mail Time is now being published by Freedom Games (!!! For those of you who may not know, a publisher not only provides funding for developing the game, but also takes care of a lot of the business and marketing side of releasing a game. They’ll take care of potential console releases (👀 hopefully) and manage all kinds of stuff from the store pages to marketing and advertising the game, events, PR, and a lot more. All this basically just means I can focus more on making the game and interacting with you while being able to pay rent!! 💛

Also, if you’re worried about the vision for the game being ruined FEAR NOT!! Freedom has good vibes and is only helping me make the game better, I still have a lot of control and can put weird stuff in the game all I want :)) I chose Freedom as my publisher precisely because they’re experienced in the things I’m not (oh god marketing and business stuff) while still being totally chill in allowing me to do my thing! I maintain complete creative and development freedom, and Freedom (heh) says they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Now to get into some updates as to what all I’ve been working on lately for Mail Time! A lot of what I’ve been working on has been about player customization.

I started off with adding customization for the player’s backpack!

There’s 6 total backpacks with 6 colors each so LOTS of options! My personal favourite is the acorn but honestly it’s hard to pick!

Next I finished adding in all of the different hairstyles and colors! There’s 6 different hairstyles and colors that you can pick from, 2 of which were designed in collaboration with the Discord community 🥰

With these hairstyles you can also customize your gender representations to play as a ‘girl, ‘boy’ or just a person. Whatever is your vibe 💛

There's also other things like skin tone and outfit colour that were already present:

I’m really excited to be able to offer player customization so you can play how you want! It’s hard because it’s a lot of work and just me to offer a lot of options so I hope with all of this you can find something you’re excited about! :) That's it for now but I'll update every other month! :) If you want more regular updates or just want to meet the rest of the community come hang out on Discord: